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Belle Flat Back Stud


If you're all about comfort and low-maintenance jewelry, then our Flat Back earrings are for you!

The metal base for these earrings is ASTM F136 implant grade titanium making them 100% hypoallergenic. Say goodbye to irritation and hello to worry-free wear! The Flat Backs provide ultimate comfort with a NO POKE BACK.

Not only are they hypoallergenic, but they're also the same width and length as a normal stud earring. This makes them ideal for kids and even babies, ensuring a comfortable fit for their precious little ears.

But here's the best part - these earrings are waterproof so you can keep them in all the time! You can wear them in the shower, at the gym, or while enjoying a swim.

When you order these earrings, you'll receive the push pin front along with a 6mm length post.

*These earrings are sold individually and Flat Back Application Tool is sold separately. 

To purchase your Flat Back Tool click here

To purchase a longer Flat Back Post click here.

Post width is 18g

Customer Reviews

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Disappointed, they sent me the wrong color in an earring, that’s right a single earring because you need to make sure you look and read that they sell specifically individual earrings… who does that but okay!